About EmperorS4

EmperorS4, where a group of young men who want to change the world with true joy – real great games.


In 2014, 4 young designers who were passionate about boardgames decided to establish EmperorS4 with the vision of making a game take players in the world will all love.


Starting a business is hard work, from 2015 on EmperorS4 has bring its game all over the world to major boardgame conventions. We received many positive reviews, it is because of these support that we are able to continue on this path and make new games that surpasses ourselves.


Our decision to make only strategy game brings us through a difficult route. Why not take the easier route and make party games? Because we believe, through playing strategy games, people will realize it is fun to think. And through gaming, people can be inspired to reflect on themselves, or even on the world around us, making it a better place. That's why no matter how rough the road ahead is, we will continue on this path.


Looking back on the ride we were one, there are times that we felt lost, but we always find our way following the light that is our supportive players. Seeing the happy face when people play our games is our biggest encouragement. 


We would like to thank everyone's support, without you EmperorS4 won't be here right now. We will continue to release new games to inspire your mind.

We promise.

EmperorS4 Members