EmperorS4 Games

Our vision at EmperorS4 is the design and publish games globally that are not only fun but also challenging and thought provoking games. Since the beginning, we have taken on the mission of promoting tabletop gaming.

“Born to game” is probably the best way to founders of EmperorS4. One aspires to become a boardgame designer since the beginning of his career, one started gaming at 3 years old and considers gaming as part of his essence, the other has never worked in any industry other than gaming. People may consider them lunatic, but all they want is to bring the goodness of boardgames to everyone. Not only do they play and design games, they also use their lifetime experience of gaming to bring your game designed and selected by EmperorS4 to everyone.

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”
-Isaac Newton
Here at EmperorS4 we are able to design great games because of the experiences we learn from other game designers before us, and the experience of the talents that joins us. We are able to better ourselves and grow stronger.

Please take the time to enjoy the games that we pour our hearts and souls to make reality. You will find the boardgame is an amazing experience.
If you are already a player, please trust that EmperorS4 Games will be a great addition to your collection.