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Essen 2018 Pre-Order


We are very excited to announce EmperorS4 Games will have our own booth at Essen Spiel this year! Please come say hi to us at HALL4 C104! This year we will not only be bringing our 2018 New Releases, but also our classic games. We will also bring with us Promos and Expansions! Some of the games and bundles are pre-order only, so make sure to order them if you are interested!

Dice Con 2017 - 3rd Annual Asian Tabletop Games Convention


EmperorS4 participated in DICE CON 2017, the third year of the premier Asian boardgame convention.

Launch of Shadows in Kyoto, continuation of Hanamikoji


Since the launch of Hanamikoji, a favorite game among players around the world, we have received many inquires about the possibility of a sequel.