To us at EmperorS4, boardgames are not just for entertainment. It is like any other form of art, it is a medium for us to express and share our ideas with the world.

EmperorS4 Team

If you have an idea that you want to share, here at EmperorS4 we can combine your idea with innovative game mechanism and beautiful artworks.

遊戲企劃 遊戲設計 美術設計

Our team at EmperorS4 is very creative and passionate about boardgame development and promotion. We have deep roots in Taiwan, and now many of our original games are being sold all over the world.

We offer professional boardgame customization services, the game and mechanism is designed to best match your theme. We also provide brand image and marketing plans, increasing your visibility in the market. We will uphold our standard of making high quality and fun games. Therefore during the design process, we will produce prototypes that can be tested. We invite boardgame designers and gamers to test game, in order to find the best balance.

行銷建議 製作發行 遊戲推廣

Once the game mechanic is complete, our artistic team will provide well rounded design service, including illustration, packaging, and total image. This brings the thematic aspect into the game. Finally, the game will go under production and will be launched.

At this time, our marketing team will work closely with bloggers and social media influencers to promote the game.

What EmperorS4 provides is a customized boardgame package, from development to marketing, that will bring your idea to the world.